Compliance Test

Free Online Compliance Test

Asset Status

* Do you have up to date lists of assets?

* Do you have an up to date assessment of the condition of your assets?

*Do you have an appropriate maintenance schedule for each item of equipment?

*Do you regularly review your schedule to confirm services are being performed?

Systems Status

*Does someone review your maintenance reports to identify any issues and follow up works?

*Do you have a current contact in place for each maintenance service provider?

*Is there a scope of works in place for each service type?

*Do you undertake regular checks to confirm service plans are still appropriate?

*Does the logbook have details of the services (schedule, type of service, tasks to be performed)?

Document Control

*Do you undertake regular checks to ensure log books or service records are up to date?

*Do you undertake an annual compliance audit?

*Do you have a current Annual Essential Safety Measures Report for your building?

*Does your building have all service documents in one consolidated log book?

*Are all the service records in the log book up to date?

*Is the log book divided into logical sections for easy reference?

*Does your log book include a list of all the equipment being maintained?