Are Your Buildings Affected by the New Changes in the Building Regulations 2018?

Are Your Buildings Affected by the New Changes in the Building Regulations 2018?

Are your assets affected by the new changes in the Building Regulations 2018? Maybe? Yes? If you are unsure, you should read this article. It highlights some of the latest changes you should be aware of. Recently, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has revised ten areas of the building regulations and legislated new penalties that will change how owners meet the compliance. If you aren’t aware of these new changes, you may be putting yourself at risk of receiving on-the-spot fines.

One of the main regulations is about Essential Safety Measure (ESM) compliance, specifically on the fire safety features in buildings. VBA strongly encourages owners to adopt a maintenance schedule as this will help to simplify information about the maintenance. A maintenance schedule is a cost-effective method to meet the ESM compliance. Any minor issues can be dealt with early on to prevent them from developing into major defects (that will cost you more in the long run).

Please view the infographic below for a summary of the new ESM regulations.
Ultum - Building Regulations 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to begin? Don’t worry, Ultum has your back!

Ultum is an industry leader in asset management, conditional and compliance auditing services. Our team of experienced industry experts are aware of the latest building regulations and can help you to develop a maintenance schedule using a client tailored approach.

If you are unsure of how to meet the new ESM regulations or implement a maintenance schedule, you can discuss your concerns by calling one of our friendly experts today.