How Effective is Your Firm’s Maintenance Program?

How Effective is Your Firm’s Maintenance Program?

Many firms failed to maximise the performance of their assets because they don’t have an effective maintenance program in place. Now ask yourself, how effective is your firm’s maintenance program? If you’re losing track of the conditions of your company’s plant and equipment, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Researchers have found that effective maintenance planning and scheduling can reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of maintenance work. Nonetheless, some firms may choose to neglect integrating it into their daily operations. Maybe they’re not convinced about how an effective maintenance program could help them better manage their assets.

A maintenance program involves the planning and scheduling of maintenance tasks according to the assets you have. If you want to maximise the performance of your firm’s assets, minimise risk and provide estimates for budget and time, then a maintenance program is the way go!

Imagine a manager named Bob. Every day, Bob not only works hard to manage his firm’s day-to-day tasks, he also has to manage multiple portfolios in his firm. As Bob does not specialise in Facilities Maintenance, he has limited knowledge on how to properly maintain his firm’s assets. Eventually, he felt overloaded with his daily work and he lost track of the conditions of the company’s plant and equipment. This has resulted in additional maintenance costs to the firm and slowed the maintenance operation. To reduce maintenance cost and boost efficiency within the company, Bob should have hired a specialist, like Ultum, to maintain the assets so he can fully focus on managing the daily tasks.

At Ultum, we provide a Maintenance Program Development service to help our clients achieve their objectives and optimise the performance of their plant and equipment. Our industry experts can review your maintenance plans against the design requirements. Then determine the optimal schedules and task necessities. We also tailor the maintenance plan by taking into accounts your objectives and asset acquisition or disposal schedules, lease terms, contract terms or capital expenditure plans.

Is your firm having troubles maintaining your plant and equipment like our friend Bob? It may be time to focus on your day-to-day tasks and let us take a load off your shoulders. Call one of our professional, friendly staff today and let us discuss how we can help you better manage your assets.

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