The Importance of Risk Assessments

The Importance of Risk Assessments

What are the benefits of conducting risk assessments on your business?

Risk Assessments are not only important in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for your employees, clientele and visitors, but it’s a legal requirement. Industry professionals, like Ultum, consider all possible causes of harm and assess what steps need to be implemented in order to prevent accidents, ill health and fatalities.

Not having a Risk Assessment plan can increase costs to the business through compensation claims and higher insurance premiums. This highlights the importance of having a suitable Risk Assessment plan in place.

Lady with UMS staff assessing the properties risk assessments


Risk Assessments form the foundation of every organisation. According to the Health and Safety Handbook, conducting risk assessments will help you to:

1. Recognise and control hazards in your workplace;

2. Create awareness amongst your employees, contractors or tenants;

3. Adherence to legal requirements by setting risk management standards;

4. Reduces incidents in the workplace; and

5. Decreases associated costs by being proactive instead of reactive.


Lady with UMS staff assessing the properties risk assessments


As an industry leader in Risk Management, Ultum takes a holistic and client-tailored approach to identifying critical issues faced by your organisation.

Take action today by calling one of our friendly staff and let us help you assess and manage your firm’s risks.