Managing ESM Compliance Risk during Transition

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Amongst the many challenges that construction companies face are those associated with essential services compliance and in particular, their management, during the defects and liability period (DLP).   

Understanding this, Ultum has a service specifically tailored to ensure that Essential Safety Measures compliance is maintained during the defects and liability period.

This service allows project managers to move on and focus on core construction business after the initial handover of a property, knowing that the ESM compliance risks during the DLP are being managed.

We do this by ensuring that all servicing and accompanying documentation during the defect and liability period has been provided.  This ensures that the constructor has complied with all legislative requirements.

Ultum’s ESM Compliance Management service is flexible enough to cover compliance across the various requirements of all State and Territory authorities however, structured sufficiently to ensure consistency of approach across construction portfolios of varying size and complexity.

The result is that you can be assured that the required compliance will be achieved and once the defects and liability period is over, all necessary service documentation will be available, ready for handover to the owner.

While you focus on your core construction business, we are working to reduce your risk.

The Objective

Minimise risk and ensure compliance during the defect liability period.

Your Challenges

– Management of varied, multi-stage construction portfolios

– Essential Safety Measures performance and servicing during the DLP

– Understanding sub-contractor and supplier commitments and compliance obligations during the transition of property custodianship

– Document provision, management and control

Our Solutions

– Verification of ESM relevance and performance

– Direct management of all ESM related documentation and reporting verification

– Gap analysis and reporting to allow timely follow up of service providers and final hand-over