Building Compliance Auditing and Management

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The education sector has its own set of unique issues when it comes to building compliance management.  Campus buildings that can vary dramatically in age, structure and condition often need to be re-purposed or retro-fit which can result in newer compliance standards taking effect. All this within tight budgets often stretch the capability and capacity of in-house resources.

Ultum applies experience and knowledge to assist our clients in the education sector to best manage compliance demands.  We employ a detailed methodology to ensure your in house facility managers will have confidence that your compliance obligations are being met.

By providing cost effective auditing and certification services, you can be confident that your systems have been regularly reviewed by an independent third party; a critical component of any diligent, owner operated compliance system.

Our bespoke reporting is designed with you for each project to provide gap reports that give your facility managers the information they need, in the format that best suits them, to quickly identify and act on any non compliant issues within your portfolio.

Finally, to ensure that our data becomes your knowledge, we provide practical consulting advice at all stages to enable compliance issues rectification in the most timely, economical and practical way.

The Objective

A fully compliant, ‘no surprises’ building portfolio, managed within an affordable budget.

Your Challenges

– Limited in house capacity

– Multiple buildings of different ages conditions

– Limited budget

Our Solutions

– Flexible data collection methods that lower audit cost

– Bespoke reporting formats

– Cost effective and practical compliance consulting advice