Optimal Asset Utility

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Government sector property managers face a unique challenge – to ensure that each of their large number of diverse property types continue to meet the demands of an equally wide variety of end users.

The Objective

The ability to take timely, effective and efficient asset management decisions that ensure delivery of optimal asset utility to end users.

Your Challenges

– A large number of buildings
– A wide variety of building types and conditions
– Limited resources and funding to process options and implement actions

Our Solutions

– Clear, relevant and comprehensive property information in a flexible format
– Asset condition reporting linked to capital, maintenance and budget models
– Up to date compliance auditing and reporting to reduce your risk

Ultum’s service portfolio has been honed over years of delivering condition and compliance auditing, reporting and modelling to the Local Government sector. As a result, we understand that timely, accurate and flexible information is essential to extracting optimal asset utility within a resource constrained environment.

We achieve this by working with you to identify the inherent risks in your property assets, be they in terms of compliance or continued, assured performance, and then, developing solutions to proactively and cost effectively manage out those risks on an agreed priority basis.  And that means, by keeping your property performing, we can help you to meet your commitments to your customers, the end users.

Ultum’s flexible property condition and compliance service portfolio means that we can tailor a bespoke asset management solution to meet your needs and budget.