Retail Property Compliance Services

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In the competitive, constantly evolving area of retail property, staying on top of regulatory compliance issues can be challenging. A wide variety of building types, lack of specialist management on the shop floor and changing property functions over time are of concern.

Today’s retail properties can experience a range of regulatory issues from inadequate documentation, lack of essential safety measures servicing to an actual breach of regulations, increasing liability and risking business continuity for owner and occupier.

Ultum understands the challenge of managing the regulatory compliance for a retail property, whether as an individual store or as part of a wide portfolio, and have completed projects for retailers to assist them with management of these issues. Our ability to quickly deploy retail experienced audit teams that identify and report on key issues is essential to delivering a timely and cost effective range of solutions that will lower your risk.

Using data collection and reporting systems which have been tailored to deliver audit outcomes in an easily integrated format allows you to easily leverage our expertise cost effectively into your systems.

Because you don’t have the time or resources to address complex compliance issues, Ultum can provide you with the auditing, reporting and corrective action plans to ensure your risk is managed and business continuity maintained

The Objective

To manage issues of property risk and regulatory compliance across your asset portfolio in a timely, cost effective and practical manner without disruption to core business.

Your Challenges

– Diverse property portfolios

– Managing a range of stakeholders including centre management, property managers, tenants and regulatory authorities

– Tight operating budgets

– Understanding compliance responsibilities between owner and occupier

– Lack of specialist resources

Our Solution

Experienced auditors delivering timely and cost effective auditing and assessment of the compliance of and accountability for your property with practical recommendations for resolution.