Strategic Asset Management

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Asset Audits

We utilise and end to end technological solution to provide industry leading turnaround, detailed, accurate data and flexible, reporting. Our Asset audit systems can be tailored to provide clients with information specific to their needs; we provide bar coding to facilitate easier management of assets and can provide reports in a number of customised format and datasets for import into different Asset Management systems.

Maintenance Program Development
For clients who wish to achieve optimal performance from their plan and equipment, Ultum can develop maintenance programs that achieve this outcome. We can review your existing maintenance plans against design requirements and determine the optimal schedules and task requirements. Maintenance programs can be tailored to the objectives of the client and can take into account asset acquisition or disposal schedules, lease terms, contract terms or capital expenditure plans.

Strategic Asset Management Plan
Ultum can create a comprehensive plan covering buildings and equipment to provide the client with an integrated management plan, our plans consider past performance, organisational objectives and desired outcomes to provide a clear picture of how the whole asset should be managed. For building owners, these plans give the confidence to establish maintenance contracts, manage performance and establish support operations knowing these activities will contribute towards their desired outcome.

Asset Performance Benchmarking
Our advanced asset management systems provide us with comprehensive data on asset performance, allowing us to accurately measure performance on a number of levels. As with all our reporting, we can model asset performance across buildings and portfolios to give building owners a complete picture of performance. We can also drill down on areas of concern to identify specific performance problems. Our performance benchmarking reports provide recommendations on actions that can be taken to improve performance at a practical, on the ground level.

Lifecycle Planning
Asset lifecycle plans often require the consideration of complex, multi faceted outcomes. Clients often need to ability to model different scenarios to assist in making informed decisions. Ultum can provide scenario based Lifecycle plans that empower clients to make informed decisions. Our systems are flexible enough to be able to adjust scenarios for different outcomes as part of the analysis process. This ensures clients know exactly what the lifecycle plan will look like as a result of each possible decision. Plans can also be modelled to achieve a predetermined objects or series of objectives.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis
Ultum’s extensive experience in asset management gives our clients access to some of most consistent costing methodologies available. Our team will determine operational objectives and provide cost outcomes that achieve them. Our cost models are ideally partnered with the lifecycle planning processes to provide a comprehensive asset management solution.

CAPEX Program Development
Ultum offers a full development service for building phased Capital Expenditure programs, including phase modelling and cost spread analysis. We can model a program based on client specified requirements or build a development framework determined from a client needs analysis. Program can be risk weighted; budget weighted in any combination of factors can be included.