Risk & Compliance

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Building Condition Risk Assessment

Our building condition risk assessments are one of the most comprehensive in the industry. By utilising a standard methodology coupled with a robust risk management framework and advanced reporting tools, Ultum provides our clients with accurate and comprehensive data on the condition of their built structures. Our standardised approach allows data to be compared across portfolios with precision and clarity.

Hazard Risk Assessment
The hazard risk assessment addresses the need for building owners to fulfil their responsibilities under the OH&S act to provide a safe work environment for contractors, employees and tenants. The Ultum Hazard Risk Assessment utilises the ISO 31000 framework to clearly identify the issues that require your action. Our assessments include concise mitigation controls detailed in a way that allows owners to make informed, accurate decisions.

Asset Risk Assessment
Our Asset risk Assessment reports clearly articulate the critical issues in your portfolio by utilising our comprehensive, multi dimensional reporting capabilities. These reports enable clients to make informed decision about the future of their assets at a micro view level and also enable them to view the overall picture at a building and portfolio level.

Risk Management Plan Development
For clients who require an overarching plan for management of risks across buildings or even portfolios, Ultum can provide a comprehensive plan that incorporates all operational risks. Our Risk Management Plans provide in depth profiles that enable effective mitigation plans to be put into action. Plans are developed in conjunction with the client and their nominated stakeholders to ensure the outcome aligns with the clients business objectives.

BCA & ESM Compliance Audits
Utilising Ultum’s standard methodology developed by our industry experts, we identify gaps in management systems and non compliances against the BCA and Essential Safety Measures requirements. Our reports detail the level of non compliance, determined by our well established framework or utilising the clients risk indicators. We clearly articulate practical mitigation strategies that can be quickly implemented by the client or our project management team. Ultum’s audit and reporting systems allow us to provide industry leading turnaround times for reports. Our compliance teams are run by in house Building surveyors and engineers, this guarantees a technically correct assessment of the issues and provides clients with accurate and informed support resources.